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This approach delivers faster, higher-quality and more cost-effective results.


A design-build contractor is responsible for design while simultaneously estimating construction costs. Decisions can be made during the design of the project based on cost and design rather than just on  the design.


-Cost Savings-

As a design-build contractor, we bid projects regularly. This keeps us up-to-date, knowing the actual costs involved to build your project. Therefore we can inform the client of what is involved and evaluate alternative materials and methods, when needed, to efficiently and accurately achieve the same desired results while meeting there budget requirements.

-Professional Design-

Ryner Homes incorporates state of the art 3D design software that helps clients see the completed project before the project even starts. This design ability will give you piece of mind and will greatly reduces the frustration or apprehension you might feel when starting such an important project. As a design-build contractor, we also have the ability to not only design your project with cost in mind but also draw your plans with cost in mind. We handle all permitting as needed, designing our projects and drawing the plans to conform with all city or county building codes and requirements. Depending on the project, the working drawings (plans) will be approved and stamped by a qualified structural engineer and include; electrical, plumbing and structural details as well as interior and exterior elevations.


With design, permitting and construction in the hands of one company, there is a single point of responsibility for the quality, cost and completion of your project. This approach will deliver timely completion of your project with higher-quality workmanship and with more cost-effective results.